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KM Systems Group (KMSG) is a premier strategy and technology consulting firm that works with successful, transformative organizations across government and industry. We are experts at defining and launching new programs and technology initiatives — from strategy and conceptual planning, through budget approval, acquisition, and project execution. KMSG’s expertise includes: Earned Value Management, Organizational Performance Improvement, and Project Portfolio Management. Our goal is to ensure the successful completion of mission critical projects by our customers and partners. April 16, 2015 
KMSG EVMSaaS Webinar
Is your organization considering a federal government opportunity with an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) requirement? Do you know how this will impact your organization in terms of resources and systems? Join us for a complementary webinar on April 16th which will address the top three barriers to implementing an effective EVMS and compliance.

February 18, 2015
KM Systems Group (KMSG) will present a webinar on March 5th in collaboration with Jacobs Management Consulting (JMC). The complimentary Webinar is titled: Game, Set, Match: Leveraging your WBS and OBS to win your next contract.

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